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This section is to provide information for Teachers, Coaches and Students on how to debate online.

2024 Debates will generally take place in person. We will notify you if this is not the case. ASD Online debating takes place using Zoom.

Zoom Links

The following contains Zoom links for ASD’s grades.


General Logistics

Students can choose to debate together from one computer or separately from multiple devices. If students wish to debate separately, ASD will provide a way for the students to prep together via Zoom. Teams may decide that they will:

  • Debate together from school
  • Debate together from a team member’s house
  • Debate separately from their own houses
  • Have some team members debating together and some team members debating separately

Online Debating Process

The standard process for debating will be as follows:

  1. Each grade will have a link to the Zoom call that will be hosting the debates for that grade. In some of our larger grades there may be multiple Zoom call links. The link will be included in the draw for each grade.
  2. Participants will join the Zoom call and a roll call will be taken from the main room
  3. If there is preparation time, at the motion release time the motion will be announced in the main room. Teams will need to write down or take a picture of the motion
  4. The Zoom breakout rooms will then be opened. For each debate there will be an affirmative and negative preparation room, allowing team members who are debating separately to prepare. Students will need to self-allocate themselves into the correct breakout room
  5. Debates will take place in the affirmative team room. At the end of the preparation time, the negating team and any spectators will need to move themselves to the affirmative team room
  6. The adjudicator will arrive and they will chair the debate like normal.
  7. After the debate has taken place and the adjudicator has given the decision they will invite teams to get feedback.
  8. Feedback can be given with both teams present or with only one of the team present.

Allowance for Technical Errors

If a participant is disconnected from the debate, the adjudicator will pause the timer if there is a speech ongoing and allow 5 minutes for the participant to reconnect. If the participant does not return within this time, the debate will continue.