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Junior Open

Team Cap Per School 6 teams per school.
Extra teams dependent on capacity.
Price $120 per team.
Age Limit Year 10 and below.
Number of Rounds 5 Preliminary rounds.
Break to Octo Finals (16 teams).
Adjudicated By Teachers and approved students. Every team entered must have an assigned adjudicator attached who will undertake adjudicating duties. Training sessions will be held at the start of March.
Speaking Times Speeches 5 minutes (one bell at 4 minutes, two bells at 5 minutes).
Replies 2.5 minutes (one bell at 1.5 minutes, two bells at 2.5 minutes).
Points of Information Not allowed.
Style of Debates Rounds One and Two will be prepared debates.
The topic will be announced more than one week in advance.
Rounds Three and Four will be ‘advised subject’ debates
Round Five will be a limited preparation debate.
For limited preparation and advised subject debates, one hour notice of the moot is given.
Venue North: Rangitoto College
Central: Epsom Girls Grammar School
West: Lynfield College
East: Howick College
South: Tangaroa College
Times Prepared Debates start at 4:30pm or 5:30pm. Check the draw on our website for your specific time and aim to be 15 minutes early.
Advised Topic and Impromptu Debates start at 5:30pm or 6:30pm. Topics and sides will be announced one hour before these times (at 4:30pm and 5:30pm respectively). Check the draw for your specific time and aim to be 15 minutes early.
Teams Per Teacher 1 or 2 teams per assigned adjudicator (due to adjudication responsibilities).