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The Senior Open grade is split into five geographic zones – North (Westlake Boys), South (De La Salle), East (Sacred Heart), West (Avondale) and Central (Dilworth School).

North – Westlake Boys’ High School

Address: 30 Forrest Hill Rd, Forrest Hill, Westlake 0620

Host School Coordinator: Natasha Le Brocq

Contact Details:, 0210674360

Parking Directions: On the road outside the school, or in the main car park at the front of the school admin buildings.

Debates will be held in: T Block classrooms (the English block)

Meeting Room:  Staffroom

Campus Map: click here

East – Sacred Heart College

Address: 250 W Tamaki Rd, Glendowie, Auckland 107

Host School Coordinator: Don Harland, Susan Brunton, Grant van Ansem, Jason Farley

Contact Details:,,,

Debates will be held in: K Block and R Block

Meeting Room: Library (See Map Below)

Parking Directions: The meeting point is around the front of the library, under a very new looking exterior staircase that drops two storeys in two flights. The best way to approach is to park in the car park beside Gate 3. People can then enter the courtyard by turning left. They must walk across the courtyard towards the new building with the glass facade. This is the new library and quite distinct from the red brick of the rest of the buildings.

Map: Here

West – Avondale College

Address: 51 Victor St, Avondale, Auckland 1026

Host School Coordinator: Keri Watts

Contact Details: (02102329636)

Parking Directions: Parking available at the back carpark. This can be accessed  from Gate 3 which is on Rosebank Road by the Primary School. They can also access this carpark through Gate 2 off Victor St.

Debates will be held in: C Block

Directions to Meeting Room from Parking:Follow the path the runs from the carpark to the front of the stadium. Across from the stadium entrance is a long 2 storey block – this is C block. Follow the path through one of the gaps in C block. C18 is on the second storey, so take the stairs in the middle of the block and turn left at the top. C18 is the second classroom along.

Meeting Room: Meet in C18

Central – Dilworth School

Address:  2 Erin Street, Epsom

Host School Coordinator: Kary Boudreau

Contact Details:

Parking Directions: Parking on site, at the back parking lot (via Mount Saint John Ave), is very limited. Some street parking may also be available on Mount St John Avenue.

Debates will be held in: A range of classrooms – please see the list in the Library for more information.

Directions to Meeting Room: 

  • Entry to the school is via the gate on Mount Saint John Ave (see the yellow arrow on the attached map). 
  • The Erin Street gate will be closed, and there will be no entry or exit via the main driveway at any point. 
  • There will be a security guard at the Mount Saint John Ave gate – he will let in any students or adults who say they are here for Senior Open Debating 
  • The debating venue is the Library which is indicated with a blue arrow on the attached map. The best way to access the library is through the fields, hugging the buildings until you see the beacon of light (and books) from within the glass library. Alternatively, you can walk around the school to the front of the A Frame and follow the path down to the left of the main entrance which will lead to the library.
  • All students must also exit via the Mt Saint John St gate, and will need to release the gate to exit.

Meeting Room:  Gibson Library

Campus Map: Here


South – De La Salle College

Address: 81 Gray Ave, Mangere East, Auckland 2024

Host School Coordinator: Otto Wendt

Contact Details:, 021 227 3636

Debates will be held in: B and C block

Parking Directions: Park in the main staff car park

Meeting Room: English department office (C12)

Meeting Room Directions: Walk up the drive way from the car park and take the second left next to the outdoor basketball courts.

Campus Map: Link to campus map