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The ASD Committee always endeavours to provide a fair and balanced competition. As is inevitable in a competition of this size and complexity, sometimes mistakes occur or decisions are made that you may disagree with.

We are committed to providing a fair, transparent and effective procedure for dealing with these situations.

The process for making a complaint is set out in Rule 10 of the ASD Rules, which are available under the “About” tab on the ASD website.

When making a complaint, it is important that the Committee is informed as soon as possible, and where possible verbally advised of the complaint as soon as it arises if it arises on a particular debating night. Complaints should be followed up by an email, providing as much detail as necessary.

The ASD Committee endeavours to deal with complaints as swiftly as practical in the circumstances.

If you would like to make a complaint you can contact:

  • ASD’s General Email – info@asd.org.nz
  • ASD’s Chairperson – chair@asd.org.nz or 0211588801
  • ASD’s Welfare Officers – welfare@asd.org.nz