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Advanced Open

Team Cap Per School 4 teams per school.
Price $250 per team.
Age Limit Year 12 students who have debated in other ASD grades, and year 13 students with some or no debating experience.
Number of Rounds 5 Preliminary rounds.
Break to Octo Finals (16 teams).
Adjudicated By ASD-accredited external adjudicators.
Speaking Times Speeches 6 minutes (one bell at 1 minute, one bell at 5 minutes, two bells at 6 minutes).
Replies 3 minutes (one bell at 2 minutes, two bells at 3 minutes).
Points of Information Allowed.
Style of Debates All debates are limited preparation. One hour notice of moots is given.
Venue Central – St Cuthbert’s College

North – Carmel College

Times Advised Topic and Impromptu Debates start at 6:00pm or 7:30pm. Topics and sides will be announced one hour before these times (at 5:00pm and 6:30pm respectively). Check the draw for your specific time and aim to be 15 minutes early.
Teams Per Teacher No restrictions.