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Premier Junior

Team Cap Per School 3 teams per school.
Price $330 per team.
Age Limit Year 11 and below
Number of Rounds 7 Preliminary rounds.
Break to Quarter Finals (8 teams).
Adjudicated By ASD-accredited external adjudicators.
Speaking Times Speeches 6 minutes (one bell at 1 minute, one bell at 5 minutes, two bells at 6 minutes).
Replies 3 minutes (one bell at 2 minutes, two bells at 6 minutes).
Points of Information Allowed.
Style of Debates All debates are limited preparation.
One hour notice of moots is given.
Venue Diocesan School for Girls
Times Advised Topic and Impromptu Debates start at 6:00pm or 7:30pm. Topics and sides will be announced one hour before these times (at 5:00pm and 6:30:00pm respectively). Check the draw for your specific time and aim to be 15 minutes early.
Teams Per Teacher No restrictions..