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Catch Up Debates and Defaults

All Grades

  • All request to defer a debate to a catch up debate must be made 4pm the weekday prior (for Junior Open this will usually be the prior Friday at 4pm).
  • Once a catch-up request has been received, that debate will no longer take place. Catch up requests can no longer be withdrawn.
    • If the catch-up request is accepted, the debate will be deferred.
    • If the catch-up request is declined, the team that requested the catch-up debate will be deemed to have defaulted with notice. The team that requested the catch-up debate can not withdraw their request for a catch up.
  • Any defaults received after 2pm will be considered a default without notice.
  • ASD will place a team’s status in the competition under review if they:
    • Default once without notice
    • Default twice with notice
    • Default once without notice and once with notice
  • A team under review will have 72 hours to explain why the default occurred. The committee may remove a team from the competition if the explanation is deemed to be unsatisfactory.
  • Any team that defaults twice without notice will be automatically be removed from the competition.

Premier Grades

  • Catch-Up debates for Premier Advanced will be held during the next round of Premier Junior at the Premier Junior venue.
  • Catch-Up debates for Premier Junior will be held during the next round of Premier Advanced at the Premier Advanced venue
  • Debates in Round 7 of Premier Junior can not be deferred.