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Contacts Us

The easiest way to get in touch with the committee is to send us an email at info@asd.org.nz. While the turnaround on most email queries is less than 24 hours, the Committee does not undertake to reply any faster than 72 hours. This is because all Committee members are volunteers with extensive outside commitments. In light of this, please contact us as soon as possible whenever you have a query.

Email Us! – info@asd.org.nz

Who to contact?

  • For general inquiries, or questions about a grade or tournament please email the committee at info@asd.org.nz.
  • To request a catch up round or to default a debate before 12pm on the day of the debate please email your grade convenor at info@asd.org.nz.
  • To default a debate after 12pm on the day of the debate you must call the appropriate grade convenor below.
  • If you are running late for a JO/SO debate please call the appropriate host school coordinator below.
  • If you are running a PJ/PA/AO debate please call the appropriate grade convenor below.
  • To request a coaching session please use the coaching section of our website.
  • For complaints please visit the complaints section of our website.

General Inquires

  • Committee – info@asd.org.nz (all committee members have access to this central email)
  • Chairperson – Zachary Wong (0211588801 or chair@asd.org.nz)
  • Competitions Manager – Liam Silverwood (022 306 7684)


  • Treasurer – Chenchen Huang (027 397 6452)

Grade Convenors

  • Premier Advanced Convener – Umbar Sandhu (021 0843 7123)
  • Premier Junior Convener – Celine Goh (0224466288)
  • Advanced Open Conveners – Izzy Ray-Chaudhuri (021 0825 2258) and Harry Aickin (021 212 9221)
  • Senior Open Conveners – Liam Barnes (027 431 6064) and Ranudi Lelwala (022 136 5493)
  • Junior Open Conveners – Ano Chitando (021 0883 3481) and Vinodhini Murali (022 194 3035)