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19Feb, 2018

Important Notices about ASD

Monday 19 February 2018|

Grades should now be well underway for the year, and your grade convener should be contacting you regularly with updates about the rounds for their grades. If you have any questions or queries though, please don’t hesitate to contact the committee at the following email address; info@aucklandschoolsdebating.org.nz

Two important notices about the rounds so far; firstly, we have noticed that some of the rooms at our host schools are being left in a messy state following the conclusion of debates. We are very lucky to have host schools willing to run our grades, so please ensure that following a debate, the room is tidied and the desks are returned to where they were previously.

Secondly, we have had some confusion surrounding the rules around electronic devices. We allow phones to be used for speakers to time themselves, but electronic devices are not permitted in the preparation room with teams. Please give your phones and any other devices to a teacher or supervisor who can look after them for the duration of preparation.

Thanks, and enjoy the rest of the debating year!

ASD Registrations 2019