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This guide is for those who wish to observe debates (e.g. Teachers, Coaches and Family). Observers are welcome but we ask that you respect the wishes of those debating to ensure that they are comfortable having you watch them debate.

To use Yaatly you will need to use a Windows, Mac, or Chromebook computer. Yaatly is not designed to work with smart phones/tablets. Yaatly runs in your internet browser (e.g. Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari) so you do not need to download any applications to use it. No initial setup is needed, however, you may like to connect in advance to test your connection.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Connect to Yaatly – you can also access these links by selecting the relevant grade via “Online Debating” menu on our website
    1. JO –
    2. SO –
    3. AO –
    4. PJ –
    5. PA –
  2. Enter your “username”
    1. You should enter your full name (e.g. “John Smith”)
  3. Find the debate you wish to observe and click “enter room” and then “join” the observers
  4. Send a message in the “room chat” by clicking on the bottom left of the screen to let the participants and adjudicator know you are observing the debate
  5. Follow the wishes of the participants and the adjudicator

Getting Help

There are 2 main ways you can get help on Yaatly:

  1. You can message the “Support/Technical Issues channel (on the sidebar on the lefthand side)
  2. You can enter the “Support and Technical Assistance Room and speak to a member of the ASD Committee.

If you are having an issue connecting to Yaatly, you can call the grade convenor. Find their mobile number here.

Detailed Instructions

Connecting to Yaatly

You can connect to Yaatly by using one of the links below or alternatively you can access these links from our website under the “Online Debating” menu

You will be taken to a page where you will enter your username.

  • You should enter your full name (e.g. “John Smith”)

If you are having trouble connecting, try to connect from an “Incognito” or “Private” window. Once you connect, Yaatly will then ask you to perform a systems check. 

Once you login you will be on the Yaatly home page.

Find the debate you wish to observe and click “enter room”.

Then you will need to join as an observer.

This will take you to the debate interface. As an observer, you can send a message to the “room chat” but you can’t speak or show video.

As a courtesy to the participants and the judge, open the “room chat” on the bottom left hand side of the screen and let the participants and judge know you are watching the debate. For example “Hi everyone, I am Mr Jones here to watch the team I coach, Mount Roskill 1”.

Using the Chat

Yaatly allows you to text chat with other users. On the top left hand side of your screen you will see a range of chats including:

  • Announcements (for important event announcements by the convenors)
  • Team Check-ins (for checking your team in)
  • Support/Technical Issues

Click on a chat to open it.



At the end of the debate, the adjudicator will take some time to come to their decision. You can stay in the debate room and text chat. The adjudicator will let you know when they are ready to give their decision.