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Changes in 2020

There are some significant changes to how ASD operates in 2020. This page outlines all the changes that teachers need to know.

Registration Deadlines

In 2020 we will be operating with a split registration deadline for Premier Grades and Open Grades. This reflects the later start times for Open Grades giving schools more time to organise their Open Grade teams.

  • Monday 2 March – Premier Grade Entry Deadline (Premier Advanced, Premier Junior)
  • Wednesday 18 March – Open Grade Entry Deadline (Advanced Open, Senior Open, Junior Open)

Open Grade – Students in Preparation Room

In 2020 we will be changing the number of students allowed in the preparation room for Junior Open, Senior Open and Advanced Open grades to 5 students. We think this will:

  • Lead to higher quality debates with more students working on the case
  • Reduce the number of defaults and catchups due to last minute sickness/clashes
  • Increase participation and engagement from students who aren’t debating

Please note:

  • Once the debate starts, only the 3 students debating can speak to each other. Any additional students who were in the preparation room must sit with the audience.
  • 5 is the maximum number. Teams may prepare with only 3 or 4 students
  • There is no change to the 3 student limit in Premier Junior and Premier Advanced
  • There is no change to the 3 student limit during Seasonals, Junior Championships or Auckland Regionals

Student Adjudicator Expansion

After a successful 2019 trial, we will be expanding the eligibility for students to coach and adjudicate teams in Junior Open. Students may either be:

  • The designated coach and adjudicator for a team (they will receive all correspondence to do with the coaching of a team and fulfil the adjudication requirement for that team)
  • The designated adjudicator for a team but not the coach (i.e. they will fulfil the adjudicator requirement for that team but the correspondence will be sent to a coach)
  • The designated coach for a team but not the adjudicator (they will receive all correspondence to do with the coaching of a team but a teacher will fulfil the adjudication requirement for that team)

Schools may nominate a student to become a coach and approved coach/adjudicator for 1 or 2 Junior Open teams provided the student satisfies the following criteria:

  • Year 12 or Year 13
  • Either
    • Has completed (in 2019 or earlier) at least 1 year of debating in Premier Advanced, Premier Junior or Advanced Open participating in a minimum of 3 debates
    • Was an active member of the Development Squad or Acceleration programme in 2019

All nominated student adjudicators will be expected to attend an adjudication seminar.

Parent Open Night

In 2020 we will be marketing Round 1 of Junior Open and Senior Open as “Parent Open Nights”. This will be a chance for parents to attend, find out more about debating and watch their children debate. A committee member will run a brief 10-15 minute session explaining what debating is and how ASD works before the start of debates at each location.

We hope that encouraging attendance from parents will lead to better long term engagement for parents which will:

  • Reduce the burden on teachers to provide transportation
  • Reduce the amount of defaults/catch-ups by emphasising the importance of attending debates to parents
  • Support schools with encouraging their students to keep debating

Video Debate Library

We will be creating a video library of debates on our website to support your coaching of debates.

Coaching Requests

We have adjusted our coaching options and rates in 2020. We encourage you and your school to explore our coaching options.