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Changes in 2019

There are some significant changes to how ASD operates in 2019. This page outlines all the changes that teachers need to know.

Grade Coaching Sessions

In 2019 we will be replacing open coaching sessions with grade coaching sessions that are run the fortnight prior to round 1. These sessions will be run at all of our host schools across Auckland with grade-specific coaching content. Sessions will incorporate the use of templates and videos and the motion for Round 1 will be announced at the Junior and Senior Open coaching sessions.

  • Monday 4 March (4:30pm – 6:30pm) – JO Coaching Sessions at Rangitoto College, Epsom Girls Grammar School, Lynfield College, Howick College and Tangaroa College
  • Tuesday 5 March (4:30pm – 6:30pm) – SO Coaching Sessions at Westlake Boys High School, Mt Roskill Grammar School, Avondale College, Sacred Heart College and De La Salle College
  • Wednesday 6 March (5:30pm – 7:30pm) – PJ Coaching Session at Auckland Grammar School
  •  Tuesday 12 March (5:30pm – 7:30pm) – AO Coaching Session at St Cuthbert’s College

Adjudication Seminars

Adjudication Seminars for Junior Open and Senior Open will be run at the same time as the Grade Coaching Sessions. We hope this makes it more convenient for you to attend a session with your students. These seminars have been revised for 2019 and will feature videos of real speeches and adjudications. These sessions are compulsory in order to be an approved adjudicator (even if you have previous adjudication experience).

  • Monday 4 March (4:30pm – 6:30pm) – Adjudication Seminar at Rangitoto College, Epsom Girls Grammar School, Lynfield College, Howick College and Tangaroa College
  • Tuesday 5 March (4:30pm – 6:30pm) – Adjudication Seminar at Westlake Boys High School, Mt Roskill Grammar School, Avondale College, Sacred Heart College and De La Salle College
  •  Tuesday 12 March (5:30pm – 7:30pm) – Adjudication Seminar at St Cuthbert’s College

You do not have to attend an adjudication seminar at your local host school, you may attend one anywhere in Auckland on any date.

Catch Up Debates and Defaults

There have been significant changes to how catch up debates and defaults work in 2019.

All Grades

  • All request to defer a debate to a catch up debate must be made 4pm the weekday prior (for Junior Open this will usually be the prior Friday at 4pm).
  • Once a catch-up request has been received, that debate will no longer take place. Catch up requests can no longer be withdrawn.
    • If the catch-up request is accepted, the debate will be deferred.
    • If the catch-up request is declined, the team that requested the catch-up debate will be deemed to have defaulted with notice. The team that requested the catch-up debate can not withdraw their request for a catch up.
  • Any defaults received after 2pm will be considered a default without notice.
  • ASD will place a team’s status in the competition under review if they:
    • Default once without notice
    • Default twice with notice
    • Default once without notice and once with notice
  • A team under review will have 72 hours to explain why the default occurred. The committee may remove a team from the competition if the explanation is deemed to be unsatisfactory.
  • Any team that defaults twice without notice will be automatically be removed from the competition.

Premier Grades

  • Catch-Up debates for Premier Advanced will be held during the next round of Premier Junior at the Premier Junior venue.
  • Catch-Up debates for Premier Junior will be held during the next round of Premier Advanced at the Premier Advanced venue
  • Debates in Round 7 of Premier Junior can not be deferred.

Student Adjudicator Trial

Junior Open we will be running a limited student adjudicator trial based on survey feedback. Schools may nominate a student to become an approved adjudicator in order to fulfil adjudicating duties for 1 or 2 Junior Open teams provided the student:

  • is Year 13
  • Was a member of the Auckland Development Squad in 2018
  • Attends an Adjudication Seminar

Show Debates

In 2019 we will not be holding open evenings or show debates. Teacher survey feedback suggested that schools would prefer having videos of debates available on our website. During 2019 we will be building up a library of debates on our website.

Team Caps

In 2019 we have increased the team caps across all grades. These new caps better reflect what had become de facto policy. Schools may now enter:

  • Six Junior Open teams
  • Six Senior Open teams
  • Four Advanced Open teams
  • Three Premier Junior team
  • Three Premier Advanced team

Entry Fees

For 2019 we have removed the affiliation fee and have made some increases to grade entry fees. These fee increases compensate for the removal of the $75 affiliation fee per school, our expanded coaching and development initiatives and increasing costs.

As in previous years, we will be offering fee subsidies to schools who need it. We will be reaching out to schools which qualify for these fee subsidies individually. If you believe you will have issues paying but have not been contacted, please get in touch with the committee via email.

Coaching Requests

For 2019 we have overhauled the options for coaching requests. Requests to have a coach attend your school can now be made via a google form on the ASD website. Coaches are available for one-off sessions, three sessions, trials and long term coaching.

Break Release

The break for ASD grades will now be released during the last week of term 2 instead of the first week of term 3. This allows us to have better spaced out break rounds with less break round debates on consecutive weeks.

Unified Marking Rubric

In 2019 ASD will be standardising marking across AO, PJ, PA, Seasonals, Impromptu Cup and Regionals. More information will be released soon.


ASD’s rules have been updated to reflect the above changes as well as reflect current practice. You can read the rules here.