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The best way to contact the Committee is by emailing info@aucklandschoolsdebating.org.nz.

While the turnaround on most email queries is less than 24 hours, the Committee does not undertake to reply any faster than 72 hours. This is because all Committee members are volunteers with extensive outside commitments. In light of this, please contact us as soon as possible whenever you have a query.

If you wish to speak to the Chairperson, Liam Rawlings, phone 02102971297

If you are defaulting a debate on the day of the debate you need to ring the grade convenor as well as emailing us:

  • Premier Advanced Convener, Callum Lo (027 779 7149)
  • Premier Junior Convener, Umbar Sandhu (021 0843 7123)
  • Advanced Open Convener, Matthew Bilton (022 1304475)
  • Senior Open Convener, Geneva Roy (021 0286 0082)
  • Junior Open Convener, Zachary Wong (021 1588 801)