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To use Yaatly you will need to use a Windows, Mac, or Chromebook computer. Yaatly is not designed to work with smart phones/tablets. Yaatly runs in your internet browser on the latest version of Chrome so you do not need to download any applications to use it. No initial setup is needed, however, you may like to connect in advance to test your connection.

Quick Start Guide


  1. Connect to Yaatly – you can also access these links by selecting the relevant grade via “Online Debating” menu on our website
    1. JO –
    2. SO –
  2. Enter your “username”
    1. If you are logging on individually this is your full name (e.g. “John Smith”)
  3. Enter the debate room you have been assigned to judge by clicking “enter room” and then “join” as a judge
  4. Check in by messaging the “Judge Check-ins” chat so the convenors know you are here.
  5. Pay attention to the “Announcements” chat for any important announcements
  6. Download/print a copy of the ASD marksheet (linked here)

Running the Debate

  1. When both teams have arrived in the debate room, change the room status to “Ready”
  2. Ask the speakers for their speaker names to record on your marksheet
  3. Start the debate once both teams are ready. For instructions on facilitating the debate or giving an oral adjudication please see our handout here:
    1. JO Adjudicator Handout
    2. SO Adjudicator Handout
  4. You should give timing signals by clapping as per normal. Make sure to unmute yourself and clap in view of the video camera.
  5. After the debate, you can retire to deliberate. You can turn your video camera off and mute the sound on your computer.
  6. Decide on the winner of debate and scores for each speaker. Fill your scores using the linked .
  7. Enter the results of your debate via the Private URL which has been sent to you. You do not need to record speaker names (If you have not received this URL, skip this step).
  8. Upload a copy/photo/screenshot of the marksheet to the online form here:
    1. JO –
    2. SO –
  9. Announce the winner and explain your decision to the students.
  10. Stay for individual feedback. You can do this privately in each team’s “prep room”.

Technical Issues

  1. Remind students to keep their mics muted during the debate
  2. If students have an unstable internet connection, ask all participants to turn their video off
  3. If a speaker drops out, you can wait 10 minutes for that speaker to reconnect. If a speaker drops out and can not return during a debate, the debate can go on with 2 people. If the speaker doesn’t reconnect, you may let a member of their team finish the speech or alternatively move on to the next speaker.
  4. Message the “Support/Technical Assistance chat” if you are having any issues.

Getting Help

There are 2 main ways you can get help on Yaatly:

  1. You can message the “Support/Technical Issues channel (on the sidebar on the lefthand side)
  2. You can enter the “Support and Technical Assistance Room and speak to a member of the ASD Committee.

If you are having an issue connecting to Yaatly, you can call your grade convenor. Find their mobile number here.

Detailed Instructions

Connecting to Yaatly

You can connect to Yaatly by using one of the links below or alternatively you can access these links from our website under the “Online Debating” menu

You will be taken to a page where you will enter your username.

  • If you are logging on individually this is your full name (e.g. “John Smith”)
  • If you are logging on as a team this is your team name (e.g. “School 1”)
  • If you are logging on as part of your team this is your full names (e.g. “James Smith, Lara Jones”)

If you are having trouble connecting, try to connect from an “Incognito” or “Private” window. Once you connect, Yaatly will then ask you to perform a systems check. 

Once you login you will be on the Yaatly home page.

To join your team’s debate, click “Enter Room” for the relevant debate.

Then you will need to select whether you are the affirming or negating team.

This will take you to the debate interface. From the debate interface you can:

  • Unmute/mute yourself
  • Turn on/off your video
  • Enter your team’s private prep room
  • Offer a POI
  • Text chat the other people in your room

Using the Chat

Yaatly allows you to text chat with other users. On the top left hand side of your screen you will see a range of chats including:

  • Announcements (for important event announcements by the convenors)
  • Team Check-ins (for checking your team in)
  • Support/Technical Issues

Click on a chat to open it.


When your team has arrived and you are ready to debate. Your team needs to check-in by messaging the “Team Check-ins” chat. This will ensure that the grade convenors know you are attending. You can check-in by messaging the chat, for example, “Team 1 is checking in for round 1”.

Starting the Debate

At the start time for the round, your grade convenor will send a message with important information into the “Announcements” chat. For limited preparation and advised topic debates, the grade convenor will then release the motion by adding it the “Topics” on the sidebar on the left handside. In the 5:30pm AO, PA and PJ, the Topic will only be visible for 5 minutes so remember to make a copy of it somewhere.

Once the motion has been announced your team will have 1 hour to prepare. You can prepare using a different platform or by entering your Yaatly private prep room by clicking “Prep room” at the top of your screen. Remember to turn on your mic and camera.

At the end of the 1 hour, you should return to the main room to be ready for your debate to start.

At the end of preparation (or at the start of your debate for prepared motions), your judge will arrive and it will be time for your debate to start. The adjudicator will then start the debate.

During the debate, remember to keep your mic muted unless you are speaking.

For AO, PJ and PA, you can signal that you wish to ask a POI by clicking the “POI” button which will create an orange highlight around you on screen.


At the end of the debate, your adjudicator will take some time to come to their decision. You can stay in the debate room and chat with your teammates or the other team. Your adjudicator will let you know when they are ready to give their decision.

After the oral adjudication, you will have the opportunity to receive individual feedback from your adjudicator. If you would like to receive your individual feedback privately, your adjudicator can give this to you in your private “prep room”.

After you receive individual feedback you are done for the round and can leave Yaatly.