ASD Committee Changes – 2019

//ASD Committee Changes – 2019

ASD Committee Changes – 2019

The ASD Committee would like to announce a couple of changes to the committee for the remainder of the 2019 Season.

Farewell to Callum Lo

The committee is sad to announce the departure of Callum Lo from the committee as he continues with his high workload post-graduate study. Callum has been a member of the ASD Committee for four and a half years and was the JO Convenor in 2015, the PJ Convenor from 2016 to 2017, the PA Convenor in 2018 and the PJ Convenor this year. This is a significant period of time to give to Schools’ Debating and we are extremely thankful for Callum’s contribution during his time on the committee.

Committee Changes

Izzy Ray-Chaudhuri (021 0825 2258) will be taking over as the PJ Convenor. Celine Goh (022 446 6288) will take over as the JO Convenor for North and East. This means that Celine will be the JO Convenor for all 5 zones.

Current Committee

You can contact the committee by emailing or by contacting them below:

Chairperson – Zachary Wong (021 1588 801)
Treasurer – Chenchen Huang (027 397 6452)
Premier Advanced Convener – Umbar Sandhu (021 0843 7123)
Premier Junior Convener – Izzy Ray Chaudhuri (021 0825 2258)
Advanced Open Convener – Karan Kalsi (021 087 33982)
Senior Open Convener – Liam Silverwood (022 306 7684)
Junior Open Convener – Celine Goh (0224466288)
Teacher Advisors – Charlotte Forster (Auckland Grammar) & Jason Farley (Diocesan)

Welfare Officers

Just a reminder that the 2019 the committee has also appointed 2 committee members to be welfare officers. Our welfare officers are responsible for ensuring the physical and mental wellbeing of all students who participate in Auckland Schools’ Debating. Teachers and students can reach out to them if they are feeling uncomfortable for any reason in our debating competitions or at a tournament. In addition to the Chairperson, they are also a point of contact for any complaints about the behavior and conduct of adjudicators, teachers, coaches and other students. All complaints will be handled sensitively and with confidentiality. Action will only be taken with the consent of the complainant.

Welfare Email – (private to the Welfare Officers only)
Welfare Officer (Male) – Chenchen Huang (027 397 6452)
Welfare Officer (Female) – Umbar Sandhu (021 0843 7123)

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