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Teacher Adjudicator Seminars

As coaches of Junior Open and Senior Open teams you are required to judge 2 – 3 debates per team you are coaching.  One of our requirements is that teachers must attend a teacher-adjudicator seminar to help with adjudicating schools debating.

To make it easier for you to attend, we have scheduled the seminars throughout Auckland on different nights so teachers can pick a venue and day that suits them (they do not need to attend the seminar in the ASD zone in which their school is).  An ASD Committee member will explain how to adjudicate.  This will be followed by an opportunity to ask the committee member questions, and complimentary refreshments to thank the teachers for giving up their time.

  • Western Zone: Tuesday 27 Ferbuary, 6.00pm, Lynfield College in B3. From Gate 1, walk through the covered corridor that runs past the Admin building (on your right) and the International offices (on your left).  When you come to the break in the covered walkway, you will see a sign straight ahead of you (see photo) for the PAC with an arrow indicating toward the B-block entry. Proceed into B-block and make your first right. B-3 is straight ahead, past the double set of doors in the corridor.
  • Central Zone: Tuesday 27 February, 6.00pm, ACG Parnell in the Student Information Centre. Teachers should enter the school at the main entrance on Titoki Street and walk straight ahead past the lifts. When they have gone as far as they can go, turn right and the library (we call it the SIC – Student Information Centre) will be at the end of the corridor, next to the escalator. There will be signs out on the night.
  • Northern Zone: Wednesday 28 February, 6.00pm, Westlake Boys in E3. Park at the carpark at the front of the school. Go towards the main entrance. As you enter, you should see a block of classrooms in front of you, alk past that block and go to the block behind it. Rooms are labelled.
  • Eastern Zone: Wednesday 28 February, 6.00pm, Sacred Heart College in the meeting room beside the library. This is under a very new looking exterior staircase that drops two storeys in two flights. Drive in through Gate 3 (even though it looks like a building site this is the right entry) and down the hill to find parking on the right. Attendees must walk across the upper quad towards the new building with the glass facade.
  • Southern Zone: Thursday 1 March, 6.00pm, Kings College